The Investment Answer Book Review

The Investment Answer

The investment Answer was number 3 bestselling book om amazon at the time of writing. It was also in top 100 for more than 12 days and has been reviewed by more than 70 people within a short space time of time. The majority of the people have rated the book 4/5 which in itself is a goo rating.

After just spending an hour reading the book, i feel like i have done a degree in investing. The book teaches some concepts you would not find at college or university. It explains finanace in more simpler terms and usually readers of the tend to understand the big picture and how it affects you.

I have been in finance career for over 15 years but yet to see a book that explains financila concepts with so much clarity and ywithout having to read a lot of material. I have already recommended the books to my circle of friends and colleques.

There is nothing bad to say about the book, the only bad thing i want point out is the false education that is being fed to the millions of people by companies such as Wall Street. These people despise books like the one we talking about here.

To just wrap up my story and review, I will strongly recomend this book to all individuals wanting to understand how investment works, it is a must read and i also know of most university lecturers who are already have this book is mandatory on thier subjects.

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